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June 11, 2020 4 min read

Occasionally, you come across very appealing professional looking-like photos. Do you wonder what they are using to capture such stunning pictures? This is where the ring lights come in. A ring light is a circular illumination that can either be as a flash or continuous. In most cases, it comprises LED glares that are in rows that form one bigger ring. The devices come in different sizes that can fit into your gadget. Keep reading for useful information on why you need these tools and how to shop for the best ones in the market.



Why You Need a Ring Light


These contraptions are essential in taking portraits. A key advantage of using them is that they get rid of unpleasant shadows. In portrait photography, getting uniform illumination on the face is very critical. 

Using these tools creates an appealing ring-like reflection in the eyes of your subject. It also gives an enchanting twinkle of brilliance in the eyes of your subject.


Macro photography also uses the equipment in most of its shooting sessions. Once more, the removal of shadows by the ring lights makes them the best when taking macro photos. When you fix them around your lens, you don’t need to worry about shadows as you go nearer to your subject.


The pale and uniform glare created by the tool makes it easier for food photographers to create an appealing food photo or even videos for blogs.




Strategies of choosing the best Ring Lights


The market is awash with multiple circular illumination equipment. Choosing the best that can enable you to attain your goals is an essential step. Listed and elaborated below, are some factors that you should consider when selecting the tools.



 Cost is a critical aspect that you need to assess before buying the device. It’s advisable to shop around and look for a gadget that is within your budget. In case you’re a beginner in photography or videography, it’s advisable to go for the cheaper ones at first.

In the past, purchasing a ring light used to be an expensive undertaking, nowadays, you can get a unit at $100. However, the type of device and its purpose have a great role when determining pricing. For portrait, food, and macro photography, you should consider a higher expenditure for massive use.


Quality of the Setup


In most cases, the quality of the set up goes hand in hand with the cost. The cheaper models or those from small scale producers will most likely not be of exceptional quality. Well made devices will be of a higher price, but they can withstand wear and tear as time goes by; thus, the higher expenditure is worth it.



Accessories Needed


 There are specific accessories that support the work of the unit. Think about particular objects like stands where to mount the camera when using a specific model. Although several instruments can be fixed on the wall, many may require a tripod stand that can be weighty. Others come with built-in stands that are light. You should go for such models since you would save on the cash you would use in purchasing the accessories.


Ability for Different Glare Setting


Different photos require different lighting, so having a feature to change the light is very important. Look for an implement that is flexible enough for modifying the strength of illumination to suit multiple needs. Some types have filters enabling you to switch colors immediately.


Size/ Portability


The size and portability depend on your usage. Most photographers may require to go for long distances to reach their photoshoot venues. In this case, you require you to go for the lighter models. Purchasing large setups is not convenient for you as you travel with them for your photoshoot sessions. 


Macro shots will require a small apparatus that can be fixed around the lens. For portrait or food photography, you should think about getting a bigger make with a stand. Before spending your money, think about how you will use the ring light.


Material Durability


 When buying the apparatus, avoid going for those made of ordinary materials like plastics. This type is not durable and may prove to be costlier in the long run. Go for appliances that are made up of aluminum parts and high-quality plastic.


Advanced Features


 Some of the ring lights have collapsible parts. With this, you can have different shooting angles and tricks to showcase your skills. These aspects will give you several options since the ring light will not be fixed to your camera; thus, you can use it in many different ways.



Maintenance Expenses


Before purchasing any gismo, do some background research to determine the availability of spare parts. For instance, researching the cost of the replaceable bulbs would be a wise move. 



Key Takeaways 


Using the tools in your photography will give you outstanding photos that are well lit. This reduces your after-work of editing or using photoshop. This is why you need to buy items that reduce your time in doing extra work. Evaluate the time you have and how much time you are willing to spend in editing to know the best ring light choice to settle for. Whichever your choice, your customers will appreciate you!


Choosing the best ring light is not a walk in the park. Multiple contraptions exist in the market that may confuse you. However, arming yourself with appropriate information can enable you to select equipment that can meet your expectations. The key factors that you consider before choosing the gismo include the cost, maintenance expenses, availability of spare parts, glare settings, durability, and others.