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June 01, 2020 4 min read


Ring lights were invented in 1952 to be used for dental imaging. However, currently, the illumination is used for various other purposes, including videography and photography. Although the market of these tools is awash with multiple devices, one of the best ones that you can choose is the LED ring light. This device has various attributes that make it outstanding. Keep reading to discover why you should choose the LED circular flare.






Mechanical Attributes of LED



Light Emitting Diode (LED) is semiconductor light that functions by rejoining electrons with their holes in the appliance, thus causing the emission of energy in the form of photons(intense illumination). This type of lighting is mostly essential in Macro photography, indicator light, and in growing of plants. 






The device is circular and is positioned to either encircle the lens or the protective glass. By fixing it around the lens or protective glass, uniform dispersion of the light with lesser shadows is the result. This comes in handy in many ways, mainly in taking pictures of small subjects. The tool comprises of two essential parts: fire source and power units. The flare source unit consists of several more miniature illuminations that are all around the lens of the light while the power unit could either be a battery or a power pack.









Why LED ring lights are the best

This kind of flare has a variety of attributes that make them the best when you’re taking professional shoots. Below are the main reasons why you should select them:






 Energy Efficient



These forms of illumination are currently the greatest in terms of energy efficiency. They turn almost 80% of the energy they use into the light and the remaining 20% comes out as heat. This is much less than fluorescent, incandescent and halides. The energy consumption becomes less and which helps you to save massive amounts of money because of a lower energy cost. With this device, you also take care of the environment because it doesn’t use fossil fuel as a source of energy.






Free from Mercury

Exposure of the body to mercury may lead to serious health issues in the nervous, immune and digestive systems. It may cause death in some cases. These tools do not contain mercury. iThis means that they do not have UV radiation that is harmful to humans. They contain phosphorus, a chemical compound that produces the LED glare colour which is environmentally-friendly. Additionally, being free of mercury enables the equipment to generate lightfast with small volumes of voltage. Yet, tons of the energy produced through this unit nis turned into light, thus emitting less heat.






They are Long Lasting

 fThis is one of the best benefits of this kind of lighting. The tools have a longer life than those of other forms of lights available in the market. Using these tools, you’re assured of higher work efficiency, because they can obe used for a long period. The devices primarily fail by getting dim as time goes by instead of sudden failure. Furthermore, switching on and off of the fire repeatedly has no adverse effect on the life span of the lights. For this reason, you rare not required to replace the lights regularly like the rest.






Spread light to Specific Areas

They can m obe directed and produce illumination with a direction of 120 degrees. This reduces the energy consumption since no light is misdirected or caught in the diffusers that prevent exiting of most of the light produced. This light is dispersed to specific areas, thus improving visibility. This means that you don’t require purchasing more flares for adequate illumination.






Less Transfer of Heat

Owing to the high efficiency of this form of lighting, you’re likely to spend less amount of heat compared to the rest of devices in the market. The energy produced is mostly converted to illumination, meaning that coming directly into this form of lighting can’t burn you. Even if you use the unit for a long time, chances of experiencing heat are minimal. This makes them the ideal option in areas or rooms that are sensitive to heat like an art gallery, where strong heat may damage paints or make them fade. Moreover, this limits fire breakouts that may be brought about by other sources of lights that heat up to high degrees.






High Resistance to Shock

A big advantage of the LED brilliance is that they are not made up of any fragile elements or filaments that could easily be affected by any impact. Normally, the gargets are made up of aluminium parts and plastics that are of high quality. This makes them more durable and also increases their resistance to any impact or vibration. Being this stable and reliable, they can also be used outdoors and in relatively harsh weather conditions. 






Quick service

It is very common for a blaze to take some few seconds to ignite but this type of radiance, function instantly at maximum brightness immediately you switch them on and go the moment you switch them off. The cause of no delay makes them the best! 







The appliances are compatible with different types of gadgets. The contraption can be used with either a digital camera or even your own smartphone. This is quite advantageous as with this; you do not need to purchase a new device and thus saves you some considerable amount of money.






With all the above reasons, you have no doubts that LED ring lights are the best for you in terms of cost efficiency amongst the other reasons. You can use them in a variety of devices when taking superior and professional photos and videos. For the best LED ring lights, contact us today.