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July 04, 2020 4 min read

Online platforms have become a critical component for any business that wants to survive. It's, therefore, essential to ensure that your business occupies the virtual space. If you have a company with social media pages, you are likely to be posting images regularly. These photos are a significant boost to your marketing strategies. However, to get the best out of your advertisement, the quality of the pictures should be top-notch. Fortunately, advancement in technology has made it possible to have the best-quality camera within your fingertips that can take the best views. You don't need a compact camera to obtain the best marketing images. You only require some necessary skills in photography.


You understand how poor quality photos can have a detrimental effect on your brand. It's therefore vital to find out the best tactics you can apply when coming up with outstanding product shots for your venture. Keep reading to discover the tricks and tips you can use to take exceptional images for your social media campaigns.


Use Grid Lines

The principle of thirds is amongst essential skills for a photographer. The concept helps you in creating photographs that are well-balanced and eye-catching.


If you're using a smartphone, you can activate the gridlines feature on your camera while taking an image. Where the lines meet, that is where your object and anything relevant should be positioned. When you center everything on the screen, the image won't be attractive. Using the rule of thirds in your photography, however, arouses the viewer's interest when looking at your pictures because they appear natural and appealing.




This is another tactic that you can apply to attract viewers. Don't fail to use balance when taking your shots. In photography, symmetry creates harmony. Compositions that have unity look perfect and draw our eyes. 


You can apply various tactics to attain unity in your composition. The way you hold your camera determines the type of symmetry you can achieve. For instance, when you place the camera a little to the left or right, you will lose balance. By using symmetry, it boosts the images and makes them seem more professional.


Symmetry makes your photographs look professional and aesthetically appealing. As a result of applying the concept, your pictures look unique and attract many followers.


Cropping Rather than Zooming

 A silly mistake that people tend to make is zooming. In case you've got a professional camera, zooming is ok. However, if you're using a smartphone camera, avoid applying the zooming feature as it damages your images' quality.


Rather than zooming, go nearer to your object. If you can't achieve that, capture the photo from your position and apply the principle of thirds. Afterward, you can now crop the image as you desire.


Take Advantage of Natural Frames

This is another essential skill you need to possess to enable you to take fantastic pictures. The natural frames are things that create borders around your object. They can be natural or artificial. The natural frames help in attracting viewers to your images.


At times, objects are fantastically placed to be captured within their natural environment. When you are capturing a subject, be observant of natural frames like bridges and trees. But if you are not satisfied with the frame, you can always crop it out.


Capture Recurring Patterns

Just like harmony, patterns are also a great way to get fantastic images for your followers. They're recurring forms, objects, or colors. At times, to get the perfect pattern, capture from the ideal angle and view. Through the perfect perspective and look, you will have the most fabulous images.


Have a Tripod and Mount for Your Smartphone

Using a tripod helps you to take photos without your hands. The tool also establishes a level in the images. Additionally, using a tripod increases the space between you and the camera without you worrying about dropping your device.


Be Unique

You wouldn't want your social media campaign images to be similar to others. Your brand needs to stand out to get the attention of your followers. You can create different captions and hashtags for your images. Look for a view that is different from other brands when showcasing your product.

Capture Unposed Photos

Pictures with people's faces get more comments than those without them. But they don't have to be posing in the photos.


Candid photos form a human environment for your brand. They reveal individuals in their undisturbed ways rather than posing, which creates a natural look. This offers you a perfect chance to exhibit your goods and services.


Capture your employees' candid images to create a real bond with your followers.


Use Ring Lights

Professional product photographers create high-quality images using equipment known as ring light. The device can help you create amazing photos that can attract many viewers. The technology is handy when you want to focus on particular aspects of your brand that you want viewers to see. You can shop around to find the best ring light at affordable rate.

Reset Your Camera Settings

Adjust your exposure and brightness. When you take very bright photos, some of the details are lost. It's advisable to capture your subjects in a slightly darker setting and later on brighten them when editing


Switch off HDR to avoid overdoing your photos. Overdone photos lessen the interactions with the followers.


Desist from using the flash. As much as flash is useful, it sometimes removes the picture's lighting, making it seem like it was taken with a substandard camera.


Instead of using autofocus, focus manually. All you can do is to choose the specifics of the subject you want to capture and take the picture. This gives you entirely focused on photos that are fantastic for your social media marketing.


In order to have captivating social media campaigns, ensure that you take high-quality pictures that inspire many followers to act. Remember, expensive cameras don't matter if you don't have one. However, above-elaborated tricks can assist you greatly.