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August 13, 2020 4 min read

You can virtually perform multiple tasks using your smartphone. One of the functions that you can accomplish with your mobile devices is the shooting of photos. Many people now are using their gadgets to take self-images, otherwise known as selfies. Your intention of taking this kind of picture is to share your great moments with your family, colleagues, and online friends. You can also take selfies for commercial purposes. Many individuals, however, don’t understand how to take professional shots that can attract their audience. You don’t need to worry if you are in this category. This guideline offers you great ideas and tactics of taking snaps with your mobile phone. Keep reading.


Amazing Background

The fundamental rule of getting a good selfie is a breathtaking background. At first, an essential background can suffice, but as you continue to take more shots, it becomes boring. People will not be interested in looking at the same background repeatedly. Instead, have an exceptional background and enjoy taking as many selfies as you like.


It is Key to have Good Lighting

If your illumination is reduced, the images will be substandard and terrible to look at because they’ll be dim. For exceptional quality snaps, strive to always look into the direction the flare is coming from. It would help if you were facing the source of light rather than having your backside towards it. This also applies to windows and doors. If you cannot find the best lighting, try it some other time during the day. The excellent time is a few hours after the sun rises or an hour before it sets. The best lighting gives you the most captivating selfies.


What you should note, however, is that most of the time, the natural source of lighting-sun, is not reliable. But this should not discourage you as you go for the artificial illumination. The best cosmetic flare when taking photos is the Led ring light. There are multiple kinds of corrective illumination devices in the market. However, it’s advisable to choose one that can afford and which can work well with you.


Apply the Rule of Thirds

Most photographers are familiar with the rule of thirds but tend to forget it while taking images. You should always ensure that you observe this rule when making your mobile snaps. All you have to do is to place your face at the corners. It could be either of them. This can be more fascinating. Try not to be at the center of the photo, which may make your snap look like an ID photograph.


Use the Back Camera to Snap

This may sound strange to many. But to tell the truth, it’s advisable to avoid using the front part of your camera when taking images. But why should you use the back part? The back part of your camera has higher megapixels, so the quality and resolution of the images are fantastic. Because the front camera photos aren’t the finest, take advantage of your back camera. You’ll get more beautiful and sharper snaps than the poor images that you can get when using the frontal section of your gadget.


Exclude the Face

This is an excellent idea, especially when you haven’t applied makeup or your hair is messy. Capture just what you want without having to show your head. Snap your outfit or shoes or even just the food. New things call for selfies! Capture that new car, the house you’ve just bought, or even your new pet.


Try Alternative Angles

Display your most excellent side to capture a unique snap. If you aren’t sure of your amazing side, try shooting from multiple perspectives. After that, shift the camera upwards and repeatedly move your head at various points of view until you get the best angle. This is messing around with the different angle positions.


Whatever angle you settle on, don’t forget about your posture. Bad postures will give you a double chin; to avoid this, put your shoulders back and your neck frontward. This may seem weird, but it will enhance your looks in the selfie.


Experiment with Different Accessories and Poses

Put on sunglasses, try out a wig, or wear a hat. You can also throw in scarfs and hats. Posing in water or a pool is outstanding. Take a snap of your face as you float in a pool. Don’t have a pool, don’t worry. You can create your bubble bath and snap away with the bubbles. Be careful, though, not to drop your camera in the water. Take a full-body mirror selfie. But ensure you have the right angle to have a flattering snap as highlighted above.


Make Use of Editing Applications

Various editing applications are available. Use such features to enhance your photos. They have multiple properties that you can adjust to. You can change the brightness, color temperature, sharpness, and even use different filters. Don’t let your selfie be boring, play around with the various screens for some change.


Have Fun and Show Emotions

Capture a photo as you do something interesting. Smirk, frown, or make funny faces. Snap every moment as you take part in a fun experience. Going sky diving, riding a roller coaster, or swimming with dolphins are some of the moments you don’t want to miss out on a snap. This creates a captivating snap and draws more attention to the selfie.


Use Both Hands

As you take a selfie, you could either use both hands or just one hand. It is fashionable to use one hand, but it is not easy to stay still and snap. Using both hands is much simple because one hand holds the camera as the other one holds the shutter button. However, be cautious enough not to hide the lens.


When using two hands, have the camera further away from you and let your arms act as natural frames. With smartphones, it is easier to take a photo by just pressing either of the volume buttons.


In conclusion, taking selfies has become a norm in social and business circles. Therefore, arming yourself with tricks and tactics of taking amazing photos is a crucial requirement when you want to succeed in this area. The ideas covered here can give you a head start in shooting fantastic selfies.