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July 19, 2020 4 min read

Apart from having an exceptional camera and a script, coming up with an outstanding video also have other requirements. The light you apply creates the atmosphere and makes the shooting to stand out. The illumination you utilize can also make your subject look amazing, which may attract many people to your YouTube videos. While some people can opt to use natural sources of brightness, such as the sunlight, the quality of the video may not be top-notch. This is the reason why you should consider artificial sources.


The market is awash with multiple devices for brightness enhancement that you can purchase. However, not all of them can offer you the light quality that you need. When you aim to produce high-class videos for your YouTube channel, it's critical to consider aureoles. 


Regardless of your content in your videos, using ring lightis the most realistic way of illuminating your scene. For professional-like videos, you need to think about the strategy you can apply to acquire the best artificial brilliance sources. Arming yourself with information enables you to approach the market with confidence because you understand what you need. This is why you should know what illumination enhancements are and the factors you should consider while purchasing them. 


A led ring light is a circular illumination device. The device either produces brilliance in the form of fluorescent or LED. The kind of device you purchase depends on various factors, such as the purpose of buying the equipment and the amount that you've. You should also assess the size and the kind of light the machine produces. Keep reading to discover the factors that you should consider when purchasing the device for your YouTube venture.


Below are some clues to assist you in determining the best ring lights for your YouTube videos.



Wider illuminations generate faint brilliance. When purchasing the equipment for your videos, it's advisable to buy a broader device. This is because more expansive machines produce the best videos. You can order a customized size from an online dealer. The best size range from 12-18 inches. However, your budget will determine the size of the device to buy. 


Size measurement typically refers to the outer perimeter. When two digits are given for the equipment, the small figure will usually represent the size of the contraption's inner circumference. In case your business entails moving a lot, a more modest contraption suits best. 



Dimmable equipment enables you to determine the amount of brightness that you cast on your subject. Lack of a dimmer makes you shift your standing positions by moving closer to your subject. In this score, the equipment, mainly LEDs, has a higher dimming range.


Adjustable Colour Temperature

Look for a machine with a feature of modifying the color temperature. This guarantees your constant and natural color outcomes that are essential, especially for tutorial videos.


High Color Rendering Index

Contraptions with a higher CRI value produce more natural and brilliant colors. Go for an aureole with approximately 90 to 95 CRI values or even more. If the CRI values are not indicated, lesser quality lamps may have been used.

Power Options

When you have a power alternative, it's an advantage for you. Having rechargeable batteries that can be plugged reduces the risk of falling over wires. Therefore, when selecting the devices, ensure that you choose one with an alternative power option.


 Additional Diffusion

Select devices that have a fluorescent tube. The broader surface area gives extra spread light. When you use a diffuser, you can the outcomes for your shoots become more fantastic. This means that when shopping, ensure that the gadget you purchase comes with a diffuser.


Flexible Neck

A gadget that can twist the head is critical for your shooting. A moving circular head enables you to place the device overhead the subject and even adjust the angle. When the aureole head can move 90 degrees, it can be utilized to illuminate a subject lying on the ground or even reflecting off the ceiling. If the gadget's head is not movable, you can purchase a stand that can enable you to move the circular head.


Fluorescent or LED

Even though fluorescent lights are more efficient than traditional bulbs, LEDs outdo them in efficiency. From an environmental point of view, the LEDs are the best. Furthermore, illuminators are durable and can withstand harsh conditions. However, in case fluorescent tubes break, the mercury in them is released, releasing toxic mercury to the environment. 


Other qualities make LEDs an ideal illumination solution when shooting your YouTube videos. These include:

  • They run cool-whereas the other brilliance solutions run hot while in operation, illuminators run cool. If you do not want the heat in your studio or to overwork your air conditioners, you should go for the led illumination.
  • Long lasting-they have a longer lifespan than fluorescent tubes. You can replace the fluorescent tubes but not the LEDs. Based on how you handle them, tubes can last for months while the LEDs can go for years.
  • No flickering or humming noise-As time goes by; fluorescent tubes tend to blink, illuminate less, and even produce a humming sound. However, illuminators don't flicker and are free of noise.
  • Alternative power options-Some LED circular lights can be used with either batteries or power adapters. However, fluorescent tubes require a power outlet. If you intend to use the lights outdoors, LEDs are the best option.

Key takeaways 

Your YouTube videos should be fantastic to attract massive traffic. You can only attain this feat when you apply the best brightness solution. Although the market has multiple illumination choices, LED illumination are the best for your venture. They don't get dim after prolonged use and have a longer life span. Provided that you get the right brilliance solution with a higher CRI, your video content will be captivating and eye-catching. The other tips are also essential for you to get the best ring light and eliminate the armature look in your videos.