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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The Private Policy captures the details about the amount of personal information that the Ring light may collect from you. The company may use and share the data that it collects from you. 


Personal Data we Gathe

 Upon visiting our site, we collect different pieces from your gadget. We gather data about your web crawler, your machines’ IP, some cookies found in your device, and information about the web pages that you visit while on our platform. We also gather information about the search terms that you applied to come to how the site and how data on how you interact with our platform. All these pieces of information are referred to as Gadget Data.


Technologies that we apply while mining data

When collecting information, we use the following tools:

  • Cookies-these are information files that are installed on your machine that have a unique identifier. You can access a lot of information about cookies and how to inactivate them through various sites.
  • Log Files-these are monitor actions taking place on a platform. They collect information related to the kind of web crawler you use, your IP address, date/time stamps and the provider of your internet.
  • Web beacons-in the same category as web beacons include tags and pixels. These tools help in evaluating how you navigate the site.
  • Order information-when you visit the website and try to make a purchase, we collect different pieces of information from you. These include your name, mobile contacts, billing details, email contacts and your credit card information. These data is called order information.

Within our context, personal information is used to refer to both gadget information and order information.


How we apply your data

The order information assists us in processing your purchase data, organizing for product shipping, and preparing invoices. The order information also facilitates our communication with you. The order information also helps to assess whether our orders may be exposed to various dangers such as fraud. We can also use the order information you give us to target with adverts that may meet your desires.


We use device information, on the other hand, to assess any potential exposure of our products to specific IP addresses and enhancing the optimization of our site. For instance, information on how clients interact with our platform helps us to determine the best technique of optimizing the website.


Sharing your data 

Some situations may compel us to share your personal information with third-parties. For instance, Shopify may access your personal information because it’s the one that drives our platform. For more details about how Shopify uses your personal information, visit this site::// Additionally, we apply Google Analytics to understand how our customers interact with our website. Therefore, Google may also access your data. You can access information on Google’s application of personal information on this site: Clients are also free to opt-out of Google analytics through this site:

At times, we’re compelled to share your personal information because of the need to comply with state laws and regulations. This may be in response to a subpoena, lawful requests and in the protection of our rights.


Behavioural Marketing

We may use your Private data to target you with specific promotional messages that fit the demographic data you shared with us. You can access lots of information about targeted advertising on various sites. However, you can also opt-out of targeted advertising by applying specific sites.


Don’t track signal

In case we encounter a don’t track symbol from your end, we don’t change our data collection practices.


Client’s Rights 

Clients residing in Europe have a right to access the private data we have. Such clients have a right to amend the information they shared, update it or erase it altogether. In case you want to modify, rectify or update the information you shared, feel free to contact us.

For European residents, the primary intention of processing your data is to enable us to fulfil specific contractual obligations. We also aim at pursuing our business interests when handling that information. It’s crucial, therefore, to note that the information you provide may be applied in states that are outside Europe such as Asia and the US.


Information storing

We capture and store all the order information that you provide us. We shall only erase the information from our records when you tell us to do so.


Privacy policy changes

This Private policy information may often change times in accordance with the existing legal environment and to reflect any changes in the method we operate our business.